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R is likely Emilia. And I know a woman who slept with Justin Tunistra and based on what she said, he was lousy in bed. Big tits pov missionary. He is hot, hot, hot, but. Steve gold nude. Friends in Manhattan say that Steve is on Grindr continuously.

I've run into Annie Leibowitz a few times in the elevator when visiting friends. It's not so many fraus can see through the "running joke" even if Andy Cohen doesn't think they can. But I will never believe it. Ryan is selling real estate, not a star. If you look at ALL of his pictures with Emilia, they are so incredibly staged. Naked asian girls on tumblr. What he is having to put up with is or would be unbearable.

In Sweden, of all places! I think he has removed a lot of things from the Internet that clash with the persona he has built. Meanwhile, they are too stupid to grasp that I don't give two shits if ANY of them are gay.

Perhaps to even gain his family's approval, like another poster was suggesting. There is no way that Fredirk is only worth 30 million,considering he's been at the top of his game for so many years and a nobody like Luis can come onto the scene and he's already worth 15 million. R The drug is called money. Something is not adding up there I still like the show, but the storylines this season seem particularly contrived.

I am all alpha i want to see the shit being said so i can blast them. But when they did a show about the making of RHOB, you could see most of the people behind the scenes were gay too. Fredrik, ex porn star hooker knows this. You insistence on Ryan being gay is sad. And R, Jordan straight?! I actually prefer a more masculine type of man for the record! I noticed a black iron, pointy spear, dagger-like creepy looking lighting fixture that if you blinked you'd miss it.

Funny how much he looks like his Dad when he was younger based on the old pics they showed of mom and dad. Whether it's a guy or girl doing it! They just got rid of him? I remember reading an interview. Frederik is loaded beyond belief

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My only guess is that you ARE Ryan.

And besides, he's blowing through whatever "savings" he DOES have awfully fast! Something is not adding up there I can't remember the storyline but the "sale" went nowhere. R, NOT surprised about Steve!! Have you seen the way he walks?! Ryan is incredibly well hung.

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I just think Luis and Ryan are both gay, but one is far more diabolical than the other. Romantic xxx sexy video. The fact that he made such a drastic move from New York to Paris, and quit being on a successful tv show also hints that something is wrong in his life. Such a feminine little thing. But what else is new? The deals are usually completed before filming, but real sales.

He was shown getting ready to allegedly go on a "date" with a WOMAN despite the fact that he is flaming gay!! In Franco's latest artistic experiment, he undergoes the "Abramovic Technique," with the artist covering Franco's naked body in gold leaves, transforming him into a living sculpture reminiscent of a deity. I am in love with people I haven't met and I am in love with a fantasy I haven't lived yet!

And, you know, I think my mom tried to be as much of a buffer as possible with that experience but there's no kind of handbook to how you do that stuff, and I think it was just a lot. He also bought a house in CT. He doesn't have the heart to disappoint his family. Steve gold nude. Porno black big tits. I'd put Steve in that cateory in my opionin anyway. Yes his is a big Jew and who cares; Steve is a certified stud. It sounds like he's there illegally now tourist visa would have expired by now and had a place to immediately move into courtesy of a sugar daddy who's probably paying for those banquets Luis loves to brag about attending on social media too.

If he truly is so happy, why does he feel compelled to shove it down all our unhappy throats? And here's more on what to expect from this season of "Iconoclasts" from Sundance Channel: July 26, at 6: Perhaps to even gain his family's approval, like another poster was suggesting.

The women on the show don't dictate what happens. Bethenny had a photo of Steve on her phone that she said showed his cock. It would almost be like Richard Simmons going on a dating show and making it like he's a pussy hound.

I am surprised that people on here didn't find him annoying. R, like I have the actual names and addresses of the men Ryan fucked!

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R, and you know this HOW? In order for Derek to get much out of the divorce they have to hit the 10 year mark. If you want to insist his marriage with Emilia is real, so be it. I really like Steve. Asian big tits xxx. Hot naked and horny I don't know about the NY version, but LA has "re-enactments" most of the time. I've never seen anything like it. It's Bravo and its executives that are pushing gays into the shadow.

I am into black men, as I've stated on other threads. I know it's hard to find here in NYC, but I have met a few. Even Fredrik and Derek don't pose to this extent. Steve gold nude. R, I think they're ALL "in on it. Milfs and cocks. I agree with the above poster who said he could retire tomorrow, because he really could. All the staged pictures with Emilia

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